Home. Home means different things to different people. Home as a safe harbor. Home as a memory maker. Home as a personal creative outlet. Home as a place to drop the briefcase and relax, a place to truly be yourself. And your home should reflect your memories, desires, passions and your personality.

Based upon a US Census report, there are 12,383 miles of coastline in the United States. Every year, more people escape to their little piece of beach paradise for a chance to recharge and make memories for a lifetime. We bring back seashells and photos of sunsets and sunburned  children.

Tidewater Tileworks is an artisan tile company that can bring that “life is a beach” feeling every day without leaving your home. We create, by hand, right here in Saint Augustine, Florida, decorative tiles that reflect the beauty found on our coasts and marshlands. Our art tiles include familiar characters such as seashells and sea life from turtles to whales. We also create tiles that reflect the coastal lifestyle, such as sailboats, lighthouses and nautical-inspired designs. Our tiles will complement your coastal-themed designed kitchen or bath or anywhere you want to catch that beach-life moment.


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