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Change is Good

Just when we started Tidewater Tileworks, the world upended. No aliens, but something close. COVID-19. It changed everything and continues today to define our lives and how we live. For us, starting a new business during a time of social distancing meant a no-go on our launch at a regional home and garden trade show. Advertising did us little good as our audience was more concerned with climbing COVID case rates than new tile for the bathroom.

We decided to take a pause and look at our lives. It was time to re-evaluate what was most important to us. Was it our new business? Or was it our family?

When our daughter's husband took a new job down in Saint Augustine, Florida in January of 2020, they had no idea what was to happen over the next few months. Everything began to shut down and with travel restrictions came the added burden of having two youngsters home full time now. It was apparent our daughter needed a shoulder to lean on, but we were too far away. Over the year, she sold the home, packed up and moved to Florida to join her husband. We didn't need a nudge to make the same decision ourselves. Now, we are just 12 minutes apart from each other and the opportunity to support each other during these crazy times has been wonderful. Added bonus is seeing the Adorables (our granddaughters) often.

So, now its time to get back to business. The studio is newly set up, a new kiln is on order (the older one is enjoying its new home here in Florida too!), and we are testing new clays and glazes. I am excited about our future, as a family and a small business. Yes, change can be challenging, hard, but it is inevitable, so why not make the best of it. Change is good. Now, speaking of change... thinking about a new backsplash?

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