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Getting Back to Business is Harder than it Looks!

Just when I think the stars are aligned and I'm ready to relaunch Tidewater Tileworks, my kiln decides to take a break. We replace the elements - those wiggly wires that go around on the inside of the kiln embedded between the firebrick and responsible for heating the kiln. No go. We replace the thermocouple - the stick-like mechanism that monitors the heat. We get a couple firings before it errors out again. We talk to the techs and replace the relay. During the 6 weeks it took us to replace and retry, our new Skutt big kiln arrived. I've never been a prouder mama! (Ok, yes I have, but never a prouder clay mama!)

My new power horse and I are busier than ever with new projects that include plates, serving dishes and more fun stuff. I am also playing with some fish sculptures for outdoor walls and patios - something to liven your outdoor spaces up, bringing the color and whimsey of our beloved beaches to our neighborhoods and homes.

And, we have started to plan our our kitchen backsplash. Stay with us to watch and read what we do and how we do it. The hardest part (and it took the longest) was deciding what shape tile and color to use. We've got that done and are in the process of tile making. Stay tuned.

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