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Why Buy Handmade Artisan Ceramic Tiles?

You’ve spent months pouring over home design magazines and poking around Instagram accounts looking for just the right pieces, the latest trends in color and surface finishes. You’ve talked with friends, scoured the Internet and sent away for catalog after catalog. Now it’s time, finally, to put your dream kitchen or bath together and make it a reality.

Whether your finished look is contemporary, traditional, quirky or modern, consider adding handmade elements, including your tile work. Before you get your fur up, “it’s really not my thing,” consider why handmade tiles will give your project that truly one-of-a-kind look that expresses you – exactly.

1) Handmade ceramic tiles are good for the earth. Because most artisan tilework are small companies, their carbon footprint is much smaller than a commercial tile manufacturer. Artisan tile companies are more likely to recycle and develop sound stewardship practices from reusing clay and filtering water, to reusing boxes and newsprint.

2) Handmade ceramic tiles add greater value to your project. A wall of white subway tiles is just that, a wall of white subway tiles. But add several handmade tile accents and the wall begins to tell a story. The visual and tactile features of handmade objects not only bring a smile to our faces but give a room a sense of personality, of being.

3) Handmade ceramic tiles are of high quality. Every single handmade ceramic tile was envisioned, then designed and crafted by a skilled artisan. It was touched and molded to be as perfectly artisanal as possible, to reflect the artist and the homeowner.

4) Handmade ceramic tiles support craftsmanship. Unlike the commercial production process, human beings are involved in artisan crafts and bring with them generations of learning along the way. To purchase and bring in handmade items to your home shows connectedness to our earth, our history and our community.

5) Handmade ceramic tiles are personal. If the home is where the heart is, then let your memories make your rooms spark joy. Instead of plain ceramic tiles, bring in a sense of whimsy, a fond memory of a vacation of a lifetime or a reminder to take life one step at a time.

That brings you to Tidewater Tileworks. Because handmade tiles give you an opportunity to truly personalize your space, and we know that beach life is important to you, we only specialize in designing tiles that feature coastal living. You can choose from an array of fish, shells, fauna, birds, and landmarks to incorporate your permanent vacation into your lifestyle. We know life is better at the beach!

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